What girl doesn’t like a little sparkle? This is one reason Jamie’s Jewels came about. Creativity runs deep in our family and I wanted something fun in life to do along side my mother who is a wonderful artist. This has been a fun hobby UNTIL….

Scrolling through Craigslist one day and spotted a resale store up for sale. Now normally this is a passing thought in one’s mind. But this girl on this particular day couldn’t shake the idea of having a store…

That night my husband came home from work and I said “hey babe check out this store for sale, wouldn’t that be fun!!!” His normal response would be something like, “Cool”. But not this day, this day he said, “You should go for it!”

Wait what???? The next morning we called the “Moms” his and mine to lunch. They were on board right away. I couldn’t believe how fast things went from there.

Mind you the work that went in to this store is a real blood, sweat and tears story. But I wont bore you with the not fun part. But here we are about 3 months later and I am now in control of a store.

ATASCADERO you have no idea what you are in for. I have been waiting the better part of my life to release the creativity in my brain COMPLETELY. So here we GO!